Joining Singles when Spindling?

I am a brand new spindler and have two spindles full of singles. I spun the spindle full once and rewound it on a piece of pvc to hold it till I have more. Now have the spindle full again (but still on the spindle at the moment.

How should I join the singles so that when I ply it, I’ll have a long, long bit of yarn instead of several shorter pieces that are plied and in need of joining as I knit. Does this question make any sense at all?

If it’s a fiber that will felt, I just do a felted join, the same way I join wool yarn. (video here)

Thank you! I’ll do that. (I using sheep wool, non-superwash, so this should work great.) And then I’ll spin more. :slight_smile: This is really getting to be addictive! :smiley: