Joining seams

Hi, My name is Brenda, I have been knitting for years and have a problem that never goes away. When sewing up a garment how do I ensure stitching does not come undone/

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Does the yarn end not stay woven in after seaming? Or is it that the seam isn’t tight enough and gaps open?
What method do you use for seaming?

Seaming is ok but final fastening off often comes undone when stretched eg as now when putting a dress on a knitted toy

It may be that you’re not weaving in for a long enough distance or not weaving in two directions.
I tend to weave in ends more like the first 2 photos in this article but the whole article is useful.

As is this article. I too leave about a half inch end on the wrong side after weaving in the end. It won’t endear me to the judges at the county fair but neither do I have ends popping through to the front.

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Thanks, it seems I have been doing wrong, I do weave a bit but mostly I overstitch several times in same place but it still pulls apart. Thank you very much for your help

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Thanks for that salmonmac. I often get those pesky ends peaking through :slight_smile:

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