Joining same color yarn help

In the basic techniques, it says “Overlap the old and new yarn, and knit three stitches with both. Leave 1/4”-1/2" tail from each, dangling on inside of work, so the ends don’t pop out in right side of work. Advantage: easy! Disadvantage: those three stitches may look bulkier. Knitting them tightly will help reduce bulk."

I’m knitting a blanket right now on size 17 needs and i’m double stranding it. I know the blanket will get tossed around and will be heavily used. Will this technique of joining the yarn hold up to abuse? I’m scared that the yarn will come undone!

[color=green][b]well this will probably get me booed and hissed but i think if you have something like a blanket that is going to get beat up, washed a lot, etc that it isn’t a terrible idea to…gasp…tie a knot. Though if you are doing four strands i wouldn’t do all of them in the same stitch cuz that will be a mess!! :wink:

now the Knot Police are here with the white huggy coats to take me to the room with the soft walls…i must go now… :eyebrow: [/b][/color]

haha well…i’m knitting it for my boyfriend, and knowing how most guys are, he won’t notice if there’s a knot or two in it haha!! ideally it would be great if the proper technique worked! but if it’s not 100% foolproof I just might try you idea :shock: hides in shame

I don’t see anything wrong with tying a knot for this. Like you said, the blanket is going to be used a lot so a knot would be stronger.

When I join new yarn I usually only knit one stitch doubled then I weave the heck out of the two ends. No way that baby is coming loose! But I’m not sure that would work for double knitting.