Joining Row?

Hello Everyone! I am new to this forum and new to posting…but not new to knitting, so I’m a bit frustrated to be stuck on a hat pattern for my grandson that claims to be “quick and easy”. The instructions read as follows:

Joining row: Cast on 2 sts. Knit these 2 sts and 23 sts of Right Earflap. (the right earflap was knit earlier and put on a spare needle) Turn. Cast on 11 sts. Turn. K23 of Left Earflap. (the left earflap was on the needle when I started the joining row) Turn. Cast on 2 sts. 61 sts.

Even as I write, it seems straightforward enough, but when I try to actually make it work…it doesn’t! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You are being directed on how to load up the 61 stitches.

Given that 23 st for the left and 23 st for the right ear flap are already on holders…you might now want to put them onto separate dpns for knitting them onto the circ or straight needles.

You are being shown how to increase 15 st around those 46 earflap stitches for a total of 61.

I’m sure that you are familiar on how to cast stitches onto an existing needle filled with stitches. (for those 11 cast ons and those final 2 cast ons)

Now I’m gonna go out and tinker around with this myself! It is easier to do than to explain, eh?

CO 2, turn and knit them, then knit 23 off the holder, now you have 25 sts. Turn and CO 11 sts, turn back (so you’re going the same direction, they forgot that part) and knit 23 off the other holder, turn and CO 2 more sts. Then you need to turn again and knit the next round which will join all the sts in a circle. All the knit sts should be on the RS of your row; I don’t know if the earflaps are knit in garter or stockinette.

Thank you for your help. I’ll give it a try and report back with the results!