Joining row of 2 ear flaps

Hi Everyone,
I have my ear flaps knitted for my hat. The pattern says to knit one and then break yarn. Knit the 2nd one the same as the 1st but don’t break yarn.
Next Row: (joining row)
With smaller needles, cast on 8 sts. K18 sts from 2nd ear flap. Cast on 38 sts. K18 across 1st ear flap. Cast on sts. 90 sts in total.
My problem is after I finished the 2nd ear flap it is still on the needle with the yarn attached so how do I cast on 8 sts and then knit the 18 sts that are the 2nd ear flap

Very cute pattern.
There are a couple of ways to do this but to stick closest to the pattern, cast on 8sts on the smaller needle with a new end of yarn. You can use a cable or knit cast on:
Then knit the 18sts from earflap 2 (which is on the larger needle), cast on 38 and knit earflap 1 etc. When you cast on the 38sts, you can just take the needle with the stitches on it in your left hand and do the cast on, then switch the needle back to your right hand.
There really is no reason not to break the yarn after earflap 2 since you’ll be using a new end of yarn to start the cast on of 8sts onto the smaller needle and that yarn can be used with the rest of the join.

I still feel like I am missing something. I started off knitted the earflaps with the smaller needles so I am already using the smaller needles. The second ear flap is already on the smaller needle and the yarn is at the tip of the needle.

You can put the earflap in the L hand and use the knit or cable cast on to CO the 38 stitches. Then put the needle back into the R hand and knit the sts from the other earflap, then move the needle to the other hand to CO 16 more stitches, switch it back to the R hand and join for knitting in the round. That puts the beg of round just before one of the ear flaps instead of the center back, but it won’t make any difference and is a lot more efficient than breaking the yarn and using the end to CO 8 stitches, then knit the earflap.

I’m really sorry guys but please bare with me. This pattern, I believe is knit on two needles because it says at the end to sew back seam. Right now I have two earflaps. the first one I have on a spare needle with the yarn broke. The 2nd one I have just finished and my yarn is still attached. How do I use the working yarn that is still attached to my second earflap to cast on 8 stitches and then knit the 16 stitches from my 2nd earflap?

That’s the inconsistency (error?) of the pattern. I don’t see how you can follow all their directions. Either you start with the cast on of 8sts with a new end of yarn and continue in the order of the pattern (CO8, earflap 2, CO38 earflap 1 and CO 8). Or you do as Sue says and alter the order but take advantage of the working yarn that’s coming off earflap 2. Either way will work.

Okay, then just don’t join to work in the round. That will put your seam off to the side, but behind the earflaps, and if you’re careful about seaming it won’t really show or matter if it’s not at the back of the head.

Thanks everyone, I think I have it now. I am always afraid its me,
I never think about an error in the pattern. I know I can always count on everyone here to help me out. Thanks again


It’s not really an error in the pattern, just a clumsy way to do it.