joining rib stitches

Hi after over 3 years i have finally got the people responsible for hiding my knitting to give it back to me. (Please don’t ask it is so annoying) It is my own design adapted from numerous mistakes in Kaffe Fassett’;s brushstrokes pattern (I have done 3)

I want to enter this in the Royal Easter show this year. I have joined one of the shoulders using ladder stitch (only way to close teddy bears and stuffed toys and it is really neat). What I am hoping someone can help with is how to join rib for a show quality finish.

It has to be done by the 17th of March this year. 3 days breathing room

I would really appreciate it if someone could talk me through it, maybe even refer to a video.

I will search but if someone here knows then I will get quicker feedback than youtube.

Thanks in advance

happy knitting

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For the nicest join, I would pick up sts around the edge and decrease to work the rib. Is this for the bottom hem of the sweater?

no it is finishing the garment.

I need to join the sleeves and the bottom part.

i can’t decrease i am being judged by a knitting guild

So yes it is the hem and the sleeve cuffs also

I did a you tube search and saw that it is just ladder stitch.


Well, I’d love to know how you get on at the show anyway! :slight_smile:

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I will in April.