Joining raglan sleeves--still

I’m sorry. I can’t make this work !!:aww:

Working on the same baby sweater–“babies who lunch” in Sublime yarn. This is a cardigan with raglan sleeves. Under the arm there is a 5 stitch bind off in one row, so it is horizontal. Then the rest is slanting decreases. It never is perfectly horizontal/vertical, and it never is right for mattress stitch according to the video under “finishing”. Sometimes the sleeve stitch is slight vertical and sometimes nearly completely horizontal. How do you make this work when trying to join the sleeve to the body?

Thank you again.

It may not be so easy to use mattress stitch on this raglan line. You can always line up the public sides of the sleeves and the fronts, pin along the seam line and stitch a seam diagonally from the armhole bind off up to the neckline. A sewing stitch like a runnung backstitch works well here (a stitch forward and a half stitch back).
For adult sweaters it works well to put the raglan decreases one or two stitches in from the edge and use mattress stitch but sometimes that’s not so convenient for baby sweaters due to the smaller size.

Dear Salmonmac and Suzeeq: I just told DH about your wonderful support. I had spent all day yesterday trying to resolve the problem with raglan sleeves on baby sweaters. I just read your helpful insights and breathed a deep sigh of joy. DH says “alright, ok–so there is a knitting G_d!”

Bless you all and Happy New Year!:grphug:

DH says “alright, ok–so there is a knitting G_d!”

Or Goddesses… Not that we are, but someone must be looking out for us all.

Happy New Year to you as well.

Glad it all worked out. A very happy new year (filled with knitting) to you and to all!

Alright, suzeeq, don’t let it go to your head! :wink: While I’m here, could I please ask for a special blessings on my knitting needles and yarn?

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It’s Latin, and if you’re old enough you might have heard of the Firesign Theater…

I missed the Firesign Theater but love Monty Python. Is it similar? I wonder if I can find some FT on the web. I’ll have to try. Bless my effort, please.

Domino’s makes me ill anyhow so i didn’t bother with their pizza.

Yeah, it’s a similar group. They recorded comedy sketches, I don’t know if they ever did live ones. I’m sure you can find files of some of their recordings.

My exbf didn’t like the sauce on Dominos, made him nauseous.

I found FT on youtube. I think I’ll listen to most of their stuff that’s on there. It does appeal to a certain sense of the absurd, no? LOL

If I’m going to do pizza, and seldom do, it’s most likely to be Papa Murphy’s, the sauce isn’t disagreeable and I can have it ready when I want.

There is a certain absurdity to them, see if they’ve got the Indonesian bit, I think that’s where domine, domine, domine comes from.

Yeah, I like Papa Murphy’s too. It’s very handy.