Joining Question

I am making the following tunic.

I am doing the hood now. The pattern says to cast on 3 sts. beginning at right front (as worn) edge of neck, with right side of work facing you, join yarn and pick up 10 stitches.

I have no idea how to keep the tunic facing me when I pick up the 10 sts. Also, I have no yarn to join since I finshed the body of the tunic and am coming back to the neck to work the hood into.

Thanks for any help.


Is the top part where you are adding the hood already bound off, or do you still have live stitches?

I’m envisioning that you have the stitches live on the left needle ready to begin which would allow the work to face you. Could it be that your’re on the inside row (like you would need to work the next row) and that is what is preventing you from being able to keep it facing you?

The top edge is the first row I started on so it is just a knit row. I am totally confused.

I think you cast on those stitches, probably for the edging around the hood, then pick up and knit the stitches along the edge. Hold the sweater so the right side is facing you. The right side is the part that you see when you’re wearing it.

Amy has videos on picking up stitches.

If I start at the right side of the neck would I cast stitches on the right or left needle? Then when I pick up stitches would I pick them up on the right or left needle. Maybe that would help me understand what I’m doing!

I have no live stitches on either needle. I will have the 3 cast on stitches when I begin picking up the other stitches around the neck.


Cast onto your left needle. Pick up onto your left needle.

Now it’s making more sense. If you cast on your 3 sts, then look at the garment as it faces you, pick up stitches onto the same needle (I think from this orientation it would be the right needle) get to the end of pickin up then cast on your last 3 then turn and work. any help?