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I have a question about joining a new skein of yarn. I’m still a fairly new knitter, and so far I’ve been knitting with 100% wool, so I’ve been doing a felted join. I’m still using 100% wool, so I could do the felted join. But I’m just wondering if there’s a better join I should try. I looked at Amy’s videos…any recommendations?


If you are knitting a felted project it’s not really important because the join will also be felted. You could just start knitting with the new color and loosely weave in the ends later. If the project is a sweater or something where you don’t want to weave in the ends then the felted join is excellent!

I use felted joins with 100% wool yarn (if it’s worsted weight). You can also use a Russian join (here’s another site that shows it too). I can’t say if one method is better than the other; maybe it’s personal preference? I personally prefer the felted join with 100% wool yarn as a way of joining skeins because my ends–no matter how careful and thorough I seem to be–always find a way of poking out of my projects. :verysad:

If you go to this page, Amy demonstrates a bunch of different joins. I definitely prefer a felted join if I can do one, but you may find that you like another one better. I think a lot of people like to just knit with both the old and new yarn together for a few stitches. That works too.

One thing I like to do for any felted join is to use the method Amy shows for doing two colors (where the ends are folded over each other instead of just overlapping), except that I snip off half the plies from each end first so that when the join is made, it’s the same thickness as the rest of the yarn instead of double. It also just seems more secure than just overlapping the ends.

The join I tend to favor for non-feltable yarn is this technique by Eunny Jang. (Scroll down a bit. It works for thicker yarns too – not just lace.)

I watched amy’s vidio’s, and that felted join is SO COOL!!!

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