Joining on double ended needles

yikes - how do I do this? the instructions say "cast on 14 stiches using blah blah yarn - and JOIN being careful not to twist the cast on row - or use circular needles - but I have double ended in the correct size - any idea?

It helps you tell us what you’re making and post a link to the pattern when asking questions. :wink:

One thing you can do is knit a couple rows flat if you’re doing garter or ribbing THEN join. It makes it easier not to twist the stitches if you can see them. Then at the end you can use the tail to seam that small area.

To join you need to divide the stitches on each needle by slipping them purlwise. - that is straight into the stitch as if to purl it not as if to knit - Then with the working yarn on the needle on the right you just hold the two closest needles and start knitting. Here’s a couple visuals if it helps.

I CO one extra st. Then take the first st cast on and slip into onto the needle next to the last st co and knit those two together.

I agree with Jan, knit a few rows flat and then join. It’s really much easier.