Joining on circular needles!

So, I’m still a newbie to knitting, but being possessed of a very compulsive personality, I have now managed to start several WIPs and to give myself symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. This started when I began purling with circular needles, as I have been knitting flat on them. I have finished a scarf and a 2 hats (that FIT!!) but frogged multiple things and have stayed up until 2 a.m. several times knitting (“Just one more row!”). Moderation isn’t my thing, clearly. I would like to stop purling, so clearly I need to join the circle so I can just knit, knit, knit.

So the big question is, since I like to make hats for the time being, how do I join on circular needles? I mean, I can figure out how to join, but the size thing mystifies me. FI, if I am making a hat for a 22 inch sized head, and the knitting needles are 24 in., then how will that work? I can see that I am going to have to start magic looping, I guess.

Now if I can figure out what to do about my aching thumbs! I love knitting, but it’s killing me, LOL. I am used to falling hard skiing, and getting bucked off horses, but that seems like sissy stuff compared to my ravaged hands and wrists!!

Words of wisdom, anybody?

I’d guess you’re tension is really tight. If so, you need to work on loosening up some, that will be easier on your hands, wrists, arms, in fact your whole body.

I think 16" circs should work well for hats. Or you can go longer and do ML. Here’s a good video on how to join your stitches.

Well a hat to fit a 22 inch head will be an inch or so smaller so that it fits nicely. You could start on the 24inch needles because knitting is stretchy but eventually you have to decrease sts for the crown. Then the 24 inch needle won’t work. You could look at the videos under Advanced Techniques, Small Diameter Knitting. There are videos for Magic loop, dpns or two circulars that you can watch. One or more of those may work for you.

You can use asingle looptechnique with the longer needles. To start, cast on and pull a loop out about 2/3 the way around the stitches so they can meet to join together. Then knit around to the loop and pull out another loop 2/3 of the way around. Or use the techniques as in the video. When you get to the top and it’s hard to move the stitches around, add a 2nd circular or do magic loop with 2 loops.

Wow, GG! That’s a great video. I will give it a try tonight. I agree that I have a problem w/ tension in my arms, neck and shoulders. I consciously try to keep the stitches loose and they seem to be OK tension-wise. Maybe I should have a glass of wine before I start knitting. :wink:

I like this method, too! And I can see that I will have to get some longer needles, no problem because I actually ordered some harmony tips and cables today from KnitPicks. I am REALLY looking forward to NOT purling!

So is that a situation where you would bring in a smaller second circular needle (instead of the bajillion DPNs that make me break out in a cold sweat)?

I always knit in the round with magic loop. I use 32" for socks or small things and I prefer a 40" for hats. I personally do not like single loop. It’s personal preference.

Do you mean using 2 circs? Here’s a video for that.

I love my KP interchangeables. I bet you’ll love them too.

If sometime in the near future you want to learn “how to knit the [COLOR=“Blue”]invisible join in the round[/COLOR]” here’s a like:

This has become my favorite way to join in the round.

Marina1109-this is also a great tutorial. What did we ever do before the internet and YouTube?

So I looked at this video, and maybe I’m dense, but I couldn’t figure out why you would need 2 needles for a small item. I guess my original dilemma is solved by the Magic Loop method, and since I couldn’t wait for the new KP cables and tips to come, I got a 29" circular needle at local craft store. So, in using magic loop, it doesn’t really matter what size the cables are, right? As long as they are larger than 16 inches or so. I was having a hard time picturing how to join a 22" circumference on a larger needle (can you tell that geometry wasn’t my best subject?) This set I got today has acrylic tips, so I’m imagining they are more slippery than the bamboo ones I’ve been using. I tried metal ones, and they gave me the “skeeves;” when the tips cross it’s like fingernails on a chalkboard.
I also picked up more yarn today, and am imagining DH’s chagrin that I am suddenly accumulating yarn like a squirrel getting ready for winter. Perhaps we’ll need a separate storage shed for it all? LOL.

Also ran across the thread about credit card hacking with KnitPicks, but I used PayPal, so hopefully I am OK as far as that goes.

Also ran across the thread about credit card hacking with KnitPicks, but I used PayPal, so hopefully I am OK as far as that goes.

What thread are you referring to?

Oops! My bad! the thread I was referring to was on Ravelry. Under Knitting News and Events. I guess a lot of KnitPicks customers had their credit card info stolen and some had charges placed illegally. This happened in the past couple of weeks.

Would you please link to the thread? I don’t know how I’d go abut finding it. I had fraudulent activity on my acct. and don’t know how it happened. Maybe the dates will coincide. TIA

So I looked at this video, and maybe I’m dense, but I couldn’t figure out why you would need 2 needles for a small item.

Some people don’t like ML or using dpns, this is just another option. The 29" circs might be a little short for a full 2 loop ML, but you can use the single loop version.

Magic loop is all I use for circular knitting unless it’s a very small diameter smaller than socks.

Here’s the link:

Yikes! I’ve just been reading up on the link she posted and it’s not good news. I’ll have to double check with Mr. Rie, but I will probably cancel my card just in case. My credit union has changed their rules regarding what they will and won’t cover when a number is stolen.
Mr. Rie’s card number was stolen from a gas station pump by a gang that got hundreds of people’s number in one or two nights. They install super thin readers inside the pump’s reader and so it’s really hard to know what’s what.
Anyhoo, our bank told him that was his one-time fraud reimbursement and they wouldn’t give him back any money next time. Most of the approximately $2000 in charges happened online in a matter of minutes originating from computers in Russia. :zombie: Strange how the world works, huh?

I have been meaning to start using a gift VISA card system for online purchases and just haven’t done it yet. Yeesh, I always learn my lessons the hard way. :doh:

When i first started buying stuff online, i would send 2 separate emails w/ half the credit card info on one and half on the other. then I started using PayPal, and most sites will take that. i haven’t heard of any problems with them (yet!) Computer hackers get ever more clever, don’t they? When I’m at the ATM I always try to shield the keypad with my hand in case there’s a teeny camera somewhere, but you can’t think of everything. Where there’s money involved, crooks will spend endless effort in order to think of ways to get it.