Joining new yarn


i’m making a striped sweater and am just wondering

does it matter if youjoin the new colour of yarn on a purl row or does it need to be on a knit row??


If it’s stockinette, I don’t think it matters, though usually it’s the knit row, I think.

It’s fairly common for stripes to be an even number of rows so that you can start and end a color on the same side of the sweater. If you’re stripes aren’t very many rows you can run the unused color up the side of the sweater (assuming it gets used again). But however the stripe pattern goes, you can start the new yarn as a knit or a purl row as you prefer.
What pattern are you making?

Thanks! I’m making a hooded cardigan from Ravelery but I’m doing my own stripes…2 inches of black and then one knit and one purl of orange.

I started the orange on a purl row and it looks ok just wondered if it would look different on a knit row.

Thanks for the help!


Good color combination. You won’t be able to tell whether the stripe started on a purl or knit row.