Joining New Yarn

Hi All,

Just a question that I wanted to ask all your opinions on. I bought a few hanks of yarn that has a variety of yarns on it. Meaning they hand tied about two yards each of different yarns maybe 10-15 different types in total.
I am making a scarf, fan and feather (second lace attempt) and what would you recommend when I get to the new yarn.
It’s literally just knotted. So, do I just knit it and show the knot and the loose ends? (seen that before on other scarves) or do I untie them and join them together each time and knit three or four stitches with both yarns etc.
I am just afraid that since I am knitting a lace type scarf, that the join may not be too good and may come apart if I did the second option.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks All.

What kind of yarn is it? If it’s a wool, you can to a felted join, which would be pretty much invisible.

My understanding is that knots are a “no no” and you want to avoid them at all costs. Amy has several videos on a variety of ways to join. There a quite a few choices.

I join yarn with knots all the time. When I get to the end, I tie the new end loosely and work a couple more rows. Then I go back and rearrange the knot so it’s positioned on the WS where it won’t show and tighten it up. They don’t work around to the front, and they’re less lumpy than knitting with both ends for a couple stitches which many people recommend. Since I primarily use acrylic, it won’t felt and I don’t trust that method anyway.

I have been away from knitting for a couple of years and had forgotten how I used to join a new ball of yarn (duh!) and now you have reminded me!!

Thank you. And what a great forum!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks all for your input. Felting is out of the question, it’s not wool. And I don’t think that knots will work since in the back since it is a scarf.
I’ll take another look at some of the joins on the forum.
I’ll try and take a photo of the yarn.