Joining New Colour on Slip Stitch Edge

Doing a bit of hair ripping here. I’m knitting mitred squares for a coat and although I never use a slipped stitch edge I decided to follow the instructions this time. But when it’s come to changing colour I’m all in a mess. If I change on the R side, slip the selvedge stitch, then the new colour join is the next stitch in which looks all wrong. I read on a blog to begin the new colour on the last stitch of the previous row. I tried that but the new colour shows thru on the R side final stitch of the previous row. I’m sure there is some magic way to make this work on a slipped stitch edge but I’m just not getting it. Please help!

Are the squares going to be seamed together or are you attaching them by picking up sts as you knit?
If they’re seamed, the edge sts may not matter so much.
My tendency is to do something you’ve already tried, beginning the new color on the last stitch of the previous row. Even if it isn’t perfect, if you do it consistently I find it looks fine.

What is the name of the pattern you’re making?

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Thanks for your reply. I’m sewing the squares together. The pattern is something I’m creating myself going by my own personal measurements. Effectively a boxy shaped kimono style coat with a large collar and ribbed button band added at the end. I’m cobbling it together based on a number of patterns I have in my collection. I’m going to do as you say and abandon the slipped selvedge on all the rest of the squares. I am the type that will end up with everything looking right and then there’s that one niggly little eyesore that my irritated brain with make a beeline for and I’ll be unhappy with the whole garment. Stupid I know, but it’s the way I’m made. So I’ll stick with what I know and carry. on manfully! Thanks for the nudge in the right direction.

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I totally agree with [salmonmac]. I just finished a scarf that had slip the first stitch. I just changed my yarn color on the last stitch of the previous row. It actually turned out great and you really couldn’t tell.:smiley: