Joining new colors?

I am just making a simple scarf for my first project, it’s just knit every row, but I thought to make it more interesting I could have sort of a few sections of color - like a few inches of green then a few more of blue. I’m using a suade-type yarn, which doesn’t work with most of the joins explained in videos on the site. So will the duplicate stitch join look okay? Or I thought maybe I could just knit a few small seperate sections then sew them together at the end? What do you think?

Suede-type yarn is not going to be easy to “hide” by weaving it in like a duplicate stitch style. But, that other idea you had sounds like it might work! Get some identical thread and a really sharp needle, overlap the two ends a bit, and take teensy stitches to secure them together! A scarf doesn’t get much abuse or stress, so your stitches should hold up well!

Knittingsquid is right. Especially if the suede yarn is flat like a tape. It’s just not fuzzy and round enough to blend in. The lack of dimension will show any difference in thickness. I’d go with the sew together idea and do tiny stitches with a very small needle.