Joining new color yarn

Since I got the ribbing down now, I decided to give the different colors a try. Well, the first time I was reading the wrong part by the videos and ended up joining the new color yarn as if it was the same color. But hey, at least I know how to do that now right? LOL

I may be making this harder than it actually is, but really…all I do is stop knitting with one color and start with the other? Then weave in ends of course. This all stays together tight too?

I’ve read different ways of joining new color yarn. In one of my books it says to join new yarn at the beginning of a row. Attach new yarn at edge of work with a slip knot around old yarn. Later, when knitting is complete, undo the knots and re-tie once. Then weave in the ends.

Well, all that really doesn’t make sense to me, mainly the un-tying part. Plus, aren’t knots a bad thing?

Then… I came across something on better homes and gardens website. Here’s what this says:

[color=indigo]Drop the color you’ve been working with behind your work. Insert the RHN into the next stitch, then pick up and lay the old color on top of the RHN. Let it lie there as you pick up the new color with your left hand, and wrap it under and around the needle as if you were going to knit the stitch. Before completing the knit stitch, push the old color off the top of the needle, then complete the knit stitch with the new color.[/color]

I don’t know what it is with this little piece here, but its hard to make sense of! LOL It sounds just like what Amy says here, right? Just start knitting with the new, worry about weaving ends later.

If anyone has advice, I’d really appreciate it. Again, I think I may be thinking about this one too hard…I’m going to go try it again anyways.


This is something that I need some work on too…what I have been doing is on the go-go garter scarf I am doing in Wool Ease Thick n Quick, doing ONE stutch together and then doing all the new color. You can see the one stitch, but you can also see the transition line for the whole row anyway because its strictly garter stitch, so its looking ok. However, thats a forgiving yarn and a forgiving pattern, so I would like to know what the best way to handle it is.

I’m thinking about doing a garter stitch scarf in two colors for my neice, but the two colors are going to be purple and white or pink and white…so obviously the colors won’t blend well into each other. But if I can’t figure out how to do this another way…I will just keep doing the first stitch with both colors.

My neice will be 2 in July, so she won’t be too picky about her scarf anyhow…LOL. Although, I should start it before spring…hehehehe.

Well, when you do it all in garter stitch, on the wrong side, if you are doing two colors, I dont think there is any way to not have that little skinny line. Even the pictures in the SNB book show it that way. The little thing at the beginning of the row, however, is no doubt a totally different issue! Regardless, it looks pretty cute, and it looks as if its planned.

Yeah, it does look planned huh? Thanks for letting me know it looks that way in SNB. ( I have yet to get that book.) I’m going to practice some more today. I will get this one of these days…LOL.

Gosh, I can’t make heads or tails of that one! :? If you figure it out, let us know!


I tried it today the way some of the books say, to just stop using the old thread and start using the new. It was kinda loose and baggy, but then it snugged up and looked ok.

Yup, I just did that now Kit. It was a little hard to work with at first…but after a couple rows it got easier. I’m going to post a couple pics of what I have here. Sorry for the bluriness. I was taking these quickly since I haven’t recharged my battery in awhile and it was about to die.

Do these look anything like what you made? Obviously I haven’t weaved in any ends yet. ( I need to get a better yarn needle tonight…LOL )

I can’t wait to work with wool so I can felt the colors together!

looks perfect to me :smiley:

Me too…I think that line looks kinda cool!