Joining legs on dpns


I’m knitting a baby romper on dpns. I have finished both legs, one being held on a stitch holder, the other is on the four dpns. I don’t understand how to get the stitches off the stitch holder and evenly divided between the dpns. The pattern says to knit across the leg on the needles CO 3 St’s, pm, CO 2 St’s, pick up and knit across the stitches on the stitch holder CO 2 St’s, pm, CO 3 St’s. I will have 94 stitches. I don’t understand …. I would so appreciate any help and if someone can help me understand

Are you going to be able to fit 94sts on 4 dpns? How long are the ones you are currently using?

It seems like it would be best to go to a 16 inch or maybe 24 inch circular needle to work this.
You could then knit across the sts on dpns using the circular needle in your right hand, cast on the sts then knit across the sts on the holder and again cast on. Depending on the pattern you may join to knit in the round or knit back and forth on the romper.

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Thank you for replying. Yes I’m going to use a circular needle, I wonder why the pattern was written to use dpn. It certainly seemed like a lot of stitches.

It sounds like the designer or editor just left out the need for a circular on the list for materials. Certainly the legs will work on dpns but I can’t see the main body on those needles. Enjoy working the rest of the romper. They’re so adorable. We’d love to see a photo when you finish!

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