Joining Legs in the round? Sock monkey!

Hi everyone, I’m knitting a sock monkey and the instructions told me to make one leg and leave it on a length of yarn, then make the other leg and join them together in the round.I have my two legs now i just need to join them together But I don;t understand how to do that.

MC is just talking about which color yarn to use.

Here is what the instructions tell me to do
Join Legs: Beg at marked st of one leg, with MC, K24 of 1st
leg. K24 from 2nd leg. Join in rnd. 48 sts. Place marker on
first st.
Knit Body in rnds for 6 ins [15 cm].

I’d appreciate it if someone could explain these instructions better! :aww:


I don’t know how I can explain it better -

You have 2 tubes OO and you’ll knit all the stiches around the outside of them, though it won’t be a perfect circle because you’re making one large one out of 2 small ones. Knit the sts from one leg, then on the same needle (circular, or use dpns) knit the sts from the other leg. To join, put the marker on the needle, bring the beg of the row up to the end of the row and knit the first stitch. Then keep going.

Thank you! You did explain it better, I wasnt sure if thats what i was doing making the two into one. :slight_smile: