Joining knuck fingers

OK - So now I have all the fingers knitted for the knucks and am struggling with how to attach. I have the index finger on 2 needles as instructed; but do I place the other fingers on the same 2 needles or another two and do I knit with a third needle. I’m so confused.

I can’t help, but I’m bumping this to see if any one will look again at this to help you.

I love your KH name…

hope you didn’t see what i had there before…i had to go look at the pattern again cuz i knew that didn’t sound right.

the index finger should be on two needles (half and half stitches) Then you will add the other fingers, in proper order of course, to those same two needles.

This site has a pretty good tutorial for how to join them. it is really way easier than you would think and pretty logical once you start doing it.

Man that looks so hard. I’m just making a second pair of these but not from this pattern. The first one I gave up after the thumb and first finger, it was too much trouble. NOw I want to learn to do it right. But my second pair ain’t turnin’ out so great either.
I got too much holey space going on under first finger and I think I’ll rip it. Wish I could find my camera cord, I would post a picture. This technique looks intriguing and completely different.