Joining knit pieces NOW WITH PICS!

I tried posting here before but no one could help me. I’m trying to join two pieces of white knit with red crochet for a hat, but what it is supposed to look like is one line along the joined part, but what winds up happening is that I have one line of thick V shaped crochet on one side of the joined pieces, and what looks like a straightstitch from a sewing machine on the other. Here is an webcam image of the two sides as I am badly doing them, and an image (as well as a link in case it doesn’t show up) of what the pieces are supposed to look like when joined, straight from the pattern. I blacked out everything but the seam I want to do out of copyrighting respect.

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I tried the link, but it says the image has been deleted, plus I’m not sure where the link begins and ends in that string. But I do understand from this description much better than before, what you’re trying to do and the problem. Let’s try this: where did you find the pattern? how is it listed? Maybe we can go to it better that way, than trying to post that link?. . . I have a feeling that you are supposed to be crocheting on top of the 2 edges, instead of leaving a seam allowance, which is what it looks like in your photos.

The pattern is from the book Pretty in Punk.

I thinkyou’re right, is there any place I can find that will show me how to do the edge?

Here is how it is written in the book “With the red yar, join the 2 pieces by single crocheting them together throguh every other stitch. This is an intentional raised seam.”

Here’s a tutorial maybe it will help. It leaves a raised seam.

PERFECT! Thank you so much both of you. I’ll try to be more presice next time I ask for help.