Joining in the round

Merry Christmas All!! I watched 5 videos last night on how to join in the round, and I still can’t do it properly!! Anyone have a link that I can see. I’m a very visual learner (like having someone at my side the whole time)!! LOL Thank you

Merry Christmas to you! What problems(s) do you have with joining? Which cast on are you using? What have you tried, there are lots of videos and a number of different things that different people do.

I use the knit on cast on. I just watched another vid and still it doesn’t look right!! I’m computer stupid, maybe I’m also join in the round stupid too!!

No, I’m sure you aren’t stupid. Without knowing what your problem is, it’s hard to help. This is the method I currently use. Is the problem a big gap, laddering, twisted stitches, or something else?

ETA: Are you using dpns or circular needles?

Merry Christmas to you to!
I like this methodfor joining in the round. It may be a video that you’ve already seen but it does work well.

I CO one extra stitch, slip the first st on the L needle to the right, work the first round, then knit the slip st together with the last stitch. You don’t really have to do this, with the yarn on the R needle, do the first stitch on the L needle. That’s all joining is - closing the circle instead of turning to knit flat.

That’s what I finally did, must have been a DUH moment LOL, or maybe I’m just excited since my son is coming home Dec 29 from his ship in Guam… Thanks so much for all your help, you guys are the best!!

Glad you’re going in the round. What a nice new year’s present to have your son back!

Welcome home to your son! I am so very happy for you that he’ll be home. :woot:

What was the problem that you finally resolved? I’ve used Sandy’s way before and probably will again, I seem to have a must-use method and then suddenly I’m do it a different way.

I casted on an extra stitch as you suggested. Thanks so much for your help. I’m anxiously awaiting said son!!