Joining in the Roubd

Hi, Pattern says, Co 30 stitches loosely., ON DPNS, JOIN IN THE ROUND. DO I split stitches on both needles, or just try and join a couple of Stitches, knitting Baby Mocs, by Purl Soho. Baby bootie moccasins

Probably split over 3-4 needles.

I cast on an extra slip the last over to the first and k2tog the first and last cast on. Then I knit with the strand and the tail together for a few stitches. Put the join in the middle of a DPN to help so it doesn’t get tugged loose.

Is this your pattern? Always include a link when possible. (Don’t post the pattern just the link)

Yes, you split the stitches between 3 needles. In this case I’d split them evenly with 10 on each one. Then you knit with the 4th needle.