Joining - help please

I am a newbie knitter and I am thinking about knitting an easy caplet which call for knitting on circular needles. It ask tor me to cast on 47, then join in a circle being careful not to twist. My question to you How do I join in a Circle???
thank you
Cheeria :XX:

Check out this video. It’s exactly what you need.

Just wanted to say thank you. After looking at the video several times I now understand how to join. Before I start my project I will pratice this.
Hugs Cheeria :XX:

Hi~~~I’m also a newby knitter. I’ve just taught myself to knit, using videos.
I’m trying to knit chemo caps for kids, and it also says to join on the circs.
Does that mean to just knit into the other end of the circs? Thanks Jean :oops:

To “join in the round”, you have all of your stitches cast on and spread around the circular (you have to make sure you have a small enough circular that the stitches reach all the way around comfortably, without being stretched), and you will start with the working yarn coming from the first stitch on the needle tip that is being held by your RIGHT hand. Then, when you actually knit the first stitch on your left needle, because the working yarn is coming from the right, the join is formed.

Oh thank you!!! Yipee!!! So I did do it right!!
I’ve been trying sooo hard to make these little chemo caps for kids!!!
I’ve even been praying about it, and you’ve helped SO much!!! Jean in Tx :inlove: