Joining fronts of a sweater

This is the pattern I’m working on:

Very shortly I will be at the section that says “Join Fronts”. At this point the left front has 35 stitches which are on a holder waiting to be joined. I will be working on the right front which has 38 stitches. The pattern says:
[B]Next Row (RS): K across sts of right front to last 2 sts, (k tog 1 st from right front and 1 st from left front) twice, k rem sts of left front – 71 sts at end of row. [/B]

I’m sure this might make sense when I’m actually doing it, but I’m having a hard time visualizing how this will work. HOW do I do this? The overall effect will be creating an overlap of these stitches. I think. Should I intersperse the stitches on the needle and Knit them together, or do I position the holder underneath the stitches on the needle and go into the holder stitch first, then the needle stitch and knit them together? Or do the needle stitches go under the holder stitches?

I hope I’m explaining this correctly. Any help would be appreciated.

When you get to this join part you will have the left front on a holder and have the right front on your working needles. You knit across the right front stitches one last time until you have two stitches left on the row. Then you will put the stitches of the left front onto a needle so that you can work the stitches and hold it parallel to and behind the needle holding the last 2 stitches the front. (make sure everything is joining in a sensible way and nothing twisted or upside down or anything, you will want it to look like your schematic after the joining) As you knit the next two stitches you will be knitting the right and left together. Run the working needle through the next to the last stitch of the right and on through the first stitch of the left, yarn around and knit them together as one stitch. Then knit the last right stitch tog with the second left stitch the same way, then just keep knitting across the left front. Only now you have everything on one working needle and one piece instead of two. Does that make sense?

Yes it does. Perfectly. Thank you. You confirmed what I thought I had to do, but it’s nice to have the back up from someone else. Thanks so much.