Joining ends of mobius scarf

I am nearly at the end of knitting a mobius scarf on straight needles and I don’t understand how to join the ends.

The pattern states;
[B][I]Finishing:[/I][/B] [I]Twisting cowl once,[I] stitch live stitches to CO row to make a continuous loop with one twist. Fasten off.

Does this mean that I have to put the cast on row back on to needles and use three needles to cast off? Or am I missing something simple?

I’m not terribly good at knitting so would appreciate help. :muah:

I would pick up sts in the cast on row and do 3-needle bind off. Or you could bind off as usual and stitch the two ends together but that will make a bulkier seam.
If you do this again, it’s a perfect place to learn and use a provisional cast on. Then you can easily remove the cast on to leave live sts at the cast on in addition to the current live working sts. There are videos at the top of the page for it under Cast Ons.

One thing that I might try is the kitchener stitch, but that would involve threading a knitting needle through the row just above your cast-on row and then pulling out the co row (if that makes any sense).

Frankly I’m still trying to figure out how to do just this with one of my projects that is similar to a mobius scarf but I’ve not taken the plunge yet in terms of that cast-on row!

There’s a great video here at knitting help that shows the kitchener stitch (also called grafting) in the ‘tips’ section under ‘finishing’.

Here’s a tutorial that may help with the plunge. I’ve done this in order to shorten a sweater but the idea of generating live sts for grafting or 3-needle bind off is the same.