Joining circular work

How do you join on circular needles??? I am a new knitter and tryin to learn how to use circs… Which are a pain…by the way. My needle always curls up, so before I throw it out the window, any pointers on joining and keeping the needle (cable) straight??? Very Frustrated

What are you making? Are you sure you have the correct cord lenght for the project?

Make sure that your stitches aren’t twisted and that the working yarn is on the right hand needle. Now just knit like usual and you will be joining the yarn into a circle. It just takes a little practice to learn to get the join tight, but once you get used to it you’ll love it! No seams! :cheering:

Here are some links to help you out, too.

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Very often, when a needle comes out of the package, it is curled up. Dipping it in very hot water is supposed to allow you to straighten it out. This doesn’t happen with Addi Turbo needles, which is one of the reasons I like them so much.

As your knitting gets heavier, though, that helps control the curling, too.

To join, bring your stitches all around the needle with the working yarn in your right hand and the first cast on stitch at your left tip. Then start knitting. Make sure that your stitches are not twisted, though.

Here is video.

For circular cables, try holding them over steam from a boiling teapot, or dipping them briefly in boiling water to soften them up. Tug them out straight while warm. Even better is to buy Addi Turbos. They’re more expensive than others, but they have a very supple cable.

To join circular knitting,

  • make sure your stitches are not twisted on the needle, then

  • spread them out so that the first stitch you cast on is close to the tip on one end, and the last stitch you cast on is close to the tip on the other end.

  • Put first stitch side in left hand.

  • Put last stitch side in right hand.

  • Begin knitting as though you were in the middle of a row.

Wow… three replies within seconds!

Thanks everyone for you input…I’ll give it a try

Are you sure the needles are the correct length? If they are too long, they won’t hold a short length of stitches, and they will twist.

Good luck!