Joining brim to hat

I’m at the part of my pattern where I’m suppose to begin knitting a brim onto the crown of a hat I’m working on but, I’m not sure how to pick up stitches. The pattern reads as follows.

With RS facing and circular needle, pick up and k 90 sts along cast-on edge. Join and work in ST st as foll: *K1, M1; rep from * around --180 sts. Work even in ST st until brim measures 3". Bind off loosely purlwise.

Is there any way possible that someone could explain how I might recognize the stitches that I’m suppose to be picking up? There are just so many threads going every which way from the original cast-on…I just don’t know where to start picking. I’m thinking that it might be easier to go into a knitting store and have someone show me (I’m more of a visual learner). However, I’m open to any suggestions available.

Pick up at each CO stitch. If you had 90 of them to start, that should be easy…