Joining a sleeve to body

I am attempting to join a set in sleeve to the body of a sweater. This is my first effort and I am confused about what seaming stitch to use for this stockinette stitch sweater. Looking at the two pieces pinned together, the stitches from body and sleeve match up almost end to end at the underarm,then following along the curve they become diagonal and then at the top of the shoulder the stitches are perpendicular to each other. Do I change the stitch technique as I seam along the curve and up to the shoulder to match the stitch angles?

Do you have a link to the pattern so we can see the sweater?

Yes, I think you may need to use a slightly different technique on some parts of the sleeve. Here is a link to some good information about seaming. LINK This is a free on-line knitting book. Several chapters are about seaming. Chapter 22 is about joining sts to rows or rows to sts. Chapter 21 is about vertical seams. If the way the stitches come together down by the underarm and for a ways up are more like a vertical seam you would sew them that way and then change to sts to rows near the top. Of course, sew it from the right side and watch what you are getting. What you see is what you get. If it is looking good it is… if not take it out and try again.

Hey Thanks!
I have been afraid to start for fear of doing it wrong and thought I needed more instruction first, but I guess I just need to start and see what works.

Just wanted to day thankyou for that amazing link