Joining a new skein of Lamb's Wool Yarn

I heard that if you want to join a new skein of wool yarn to an existing thread of wool yarn that you could wet the ends and twist them together instead of knotting them. Does this work? I would hate to do it and have the sweater begin coming apart where I joined a new skein.

Rub the ends between your hands. This should felt the ends together. A lot of people use this method, I mostly knit with acrylic, so haven’t tried it.

Thank you. I’ll give it a try.

Felt join is the only way to go. Watch the video.

I love doing a felted join. It makes such a smooth connection, there are no knots, and no ends to weave in! :thumbsup:

Here’s the video that Amy made on our website:
Felted join

It only works with wool though…

True…also with alpaca, llama, mohair. In other words, any animal fiber.

I tried it on some Debbie Bliss alpaca silk and it didn’t work.

That is a very slippery yarn - I have some in my stash.
I wonder if silk doesn’t felt? :think:

Oh! And I forgot to mention. This felted join only works for regular yarn - NOT superwash. Crossed Fingers

I think it could be the silk, even though it’s only 30% or so.

I watched the video and tried the felting but it didn’t work. Then I checked the label on the lamb’s wool yarn and it is washable…guess it won’t felt.

That’s it, Verna. The washable yarn can handle the friction, because it’s made for it. So it won’t felt. :thumbsup:

By the way, Verna…there is another join you might like, but it’s a bit of work. It’s called a “Russion Join”. Amy did a video on that too - HERE.

It will work for all kinds of yarn. :wink:

I like the russian join when the felted doesn’t work or doesn’t look good.

It’s a good allround join.