Joining a new color on a purl row

What is the best way to join a new color on a purl row? I’m working on a pattern that’s knit flat. The first row (color A) is knit, then on the second row, according to the graph, joins color B about 24 stitches in. Would it be best to maybe carry the new color for a few stitches, then twist and purl those stitches in the graph with color B, then back to the original color? I’ve not done many intarsia patterns before, so I’m not really sure. And, the pattern doesn’t specify how this should be done.
Thanks for any suggestions :muah:

When you first join in a new color in intarsia you just start working with it, in this case purl with it. You only try to interlock the two colors when you come to the color changes after that. There will be a hole and you’ll think it is disaster, but when you work in the tails you can heal that hole up very nicely.

Thanks, Merigold…I’ll knit on!