Joining A New Ball

I’m using Patons Bohemian for a shawl … I have 85 st on and am nearly ready to join another ball of the same color … how and where is the best place to join? I saw on the video to knit with both strands for a few stitches then weave the ends in later? Do you do this in the middle or the end?

Any other methods that work well for you?


[color=indigo]I use the Russian Join whenever possible. Check out the joining methods in the Basic Knitting Techniques[/color]

:passedout: That is too cool! This means no weaving in of ends?!

For me, if it isn’t wool (or mostly wool) I add the new ball at the beginning of the row, however, if it is wool I use the felting method under techniques. It rocks! :slight_smile:

I do felt wool and it’s awesome! I’m going to try the Russian join for non felted items and how it works.

[color=indigo]Yuppers! :cheering: [/color]

I checked out the various methods of joining … this stuff unfortunately frays at the end and splits apart, plus it’s too thick to get into a needle eye of any kind unless its a big thick tapestry one … I think I’ll just knit along with the two strands as in Amy’s other video and see how that goes … that felting method of joining is super … I have a felted sheep tote that I eventually plan to make (when I am allowing myself to buy more wool which is not yet) and will use that … no weaving of ends! Great!!