Joining a moebius scarf on circular needles

I am a newbie to this forum although I’ve been on the help site many times. My question is how do you join the two ends on a moebius scarf on circular needles. I’ve got a pattern, but the directions for that portion are as clear as mud to me. Does anyone have information on this or can you direct me to a site that might help? I appreciate anything anyone can do for me. Thank you!

You don’t generally join them for a mobius. You can make a half twist with the stitches, but you have a twisted tube with 2 edges, not a true mobius with only one continuous edge. You can make a real mobius by casting on, then picking up stitches in the bottom of the CO and knit from the middle out. Or use the mobius CO which is like a Provisional cast on except you use the cord of the circ instead of scrap yarn. Which pattern is it?

Hi Sue,
Thanks for your response. The pattern I am looking at is from knitting pattern central. It is called “Moebius Scarf - The Original”, by Linda. It is the 2nd step (Round 1 that is confusing me.) I may just look at Cat Bordhi’s book and see if that is any help to me. The Moebius Scarf just looks so interesting that I thought I might like to try it. I need a challenge. I’m a little tired of socks right now. Thanks again!
Becky (kanitter)