Joining 2nd ball for #13 drop stitch tank

I’m not yet there, but I see that in the instructions, to shape the neck and shoulders in the Knit Simple Spring/Summer edition 2017, the #13 Drop Stitch Tank, the first instruction is to k21 (knit 21), and then join a second ball of yarn. I can’t find anything useful to help me smooth it along.

Hi don’t understand what you mean by the first instruction is to k21 and join second ball of yarn. That is straight forward enough but then you say you can’t find anything usegul to help me smooth it along. …this i do not understand what you are saying.

I mean, I didn’t find a good instructional video on how to do that. It only shows what to do when you come to the end of your ball/hank/skein.

You start knitting, weave in the tail later.

So I tie the skein onto the original working skein?

I wouldn’t (and I love to tie knots when changing skeins). If you tie a knot I’d think you’ll pull a hole or at least pull a stitch wonky.

Just wrap it around your finger so it’s a loop and knit. The next row that stitch will pull loose but you can pull the tail and it will tighten back up. When you weave it in it will stay. Or if you really want a knot you can add one then after adjusting that stitch and put the knot where it won’t show or pull anything.

I don’t tie knots in most knitting. Just start knitting (I leave a 8-10 inch tail) with the new skein. Yes, it will leave a gap, but after a few rows that closes a bit and you can weave it in later. If that bothers you can tie a loose knot then remove it later and weave in the ends.

I personally make a loose knot just to hold it in place until i weave it in.

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I prefer to have a longish tail, about 6-8 inches, then hold both the new yarn, and the old yarn, and knit them in together. This way, there is no knot, no tail, and it joins beautiful without unravelling.

When I was much younger and just being taught to knit, I was taught that there are no knots in knitting. I teach my new knitter’s when adding a ball in the middle of a row or pattern, work the first stitch with the knew ball, leaving an end, thread the end through a button to hold the new end in place while you knit the rest of the piece. You can wrap the yarn around the button to hold in place, when finished simply unwrap the button and finish the end as usual.

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Interesting idea! Thanks