Joining 2 yarns

I have a knot in my DK weight yarn that I’m using to knit a sock. I’m knitting the foot of the sock. I estimate that the knot will be on the sole of the foot and I don’t want it to be there. I think it would bother the wearer. I want to take the knot out. What is the best join for me to use? A knit in join? A Russian join?

I wouldn’t leave the knot - especially in a sock. I always cut knots out and do a knitted in join.

Thank you!!! :cheering: :happydance:

In terms of good joins, depending on what type of yarn you are using the russian join is fabulous. I’ve had really good results with a multi-ply bamboo yarn, but yarns with only a few plys may not work as nicely. Whatever you choose, good luck!
~ Chelsea

I like the felted join, and the one where you thread a sharp needle with the wool and sew it back through itself.


IMHO…the felted join is most invisible, and no bulk added to the joined area. The russian join can still be a little fatter in the affected area.

Not all yarns will ‘felt’ because of the fiber content…eg cotton. However, if that be the case, the russian join is your other next best option.

I use the felted joins wherever and whenever possible!

Some folks call the felted join the “spit and splice” Ick! I won’t use spit! :pout: I keep a little shot glass of water with me! :eyebrow: