Joining 2 seperate rounds! HELP!

I need to join two seperate tubes (legs of a monkey) to start knitting in the round for the body. It’s all one piece! i knitted the legs in the round! I dont know how to do it!!! does anyone have any idea how to do that!??? I need to combine all the stitches for a total of 56 and then seperate onto 3 needles! I dont know how to get them all together to seperate them onto the needles!!

You knit them onto the same set of dpns first, you don’t knit them and then separate the sts.

Here’s my answer from the other thread…

There are 28 sts for each leg, take one leg and knit about 18 sts of it onto the empty dpn. Knit the rest of the sts for that leg and 9 from the next leg onto an empty dpn, then knit the remaining sts. Now they’re attached and will begin to look look like a monkey’s bottom after a few more rounds.