Joing a CO to a bindoff edge

I made a laphgan a while ago, and I am currently expanding it into a full size blanket. The Pattern is K1P1 which is a small ribbed pattern. My problem is that I want to join the new strips to the origianl peice. The binded off seam of the original needs to be attached to the new CO edges. How do I do this with the ribbing pattern? I was going to try using a shoulder seam stich, but it doesnt look good with the ribbed patterns.

What about taking out the bind-off and knitting from there? Then you’d have no seam. Once the last stitch is out, bind-offs are easy to pop out.

You could also pick up the stitches along the edge. You’ll still have a seam, but you won’t have to sew.

WEll I was thinking about taking off the bind off to seam, but I already have the expanded strips knitted. Should i also take off the CO of the new strip, and then join the two open ends together with some sort of stitch? How would i do that?

And can you elaborate a little more about picking up the stitches?

I didn’t realize that you already had the strips made. Let’s see… . .

You can really take off a cast-on easily. You could take off the bind off of both and do a three-needle bind off. It leaves a nice-looking seam, but leaves a ridge across the back.

How about edge-to-edge seaming?

Picking up stitches would work if you were going to knit the new piece on, but it’s too late for that.