Join yarn to remaining stitches

How do I join the yarn to the stitches on the stitch holder

If the stitches are on a stitch holder I’d put them on a needle and just start knitting. Can you tell us what you’re making and provide a link please? Don’t post the pattern here.

I am knitting the Show your stripes knitted jacket with hood. The pattern is from What’s more confusing is that although the pattern calls for two different colours of yarn (pink rainbow and teal rainbow) I am using only one, which in itself is a rainbow yarn.

This one? It’s very cute! Just ignore color changes if you’re only using one color.

Yes that’s it. I have got past the joining bit now so we’ll see how the rest goes :smiley:

Oh boy, I have a big problem now! I had started knitting the left sleeve and notice that it is “upside down”, I.e. It is at the bottom of the jacket. Even the buttonhole front is attached at the bottom and not the top. My debate now is do I try to find where I went wrong and rip it back to that point (if I can even find where that is) or do I scrap, I.e. Unravel the whole thing.

The R front and the L front need to be opposite each other, like this:
5 inked
If not, rip back to where the L front was joined to the back (red arrows) and reknit. It’s a pain but it’ll be worth it. The L front should be reversible since it’s garter stitch.