Join Yarn after placing sts on holder

I am knitting a sweater in the round from bottom up and am at the “front sleeve cap & neck shaping” section. I have just placed the back stitches on a holder and the instructions read: “Working back & forth on Front Sts only, with RS facing, start at the left front armhole marker, join yarn and knit sts.” Does this mean to start with another piece of yarn or to use the yarn that is attached to the sts from the holder? The pattern is “Landon” from Katya Frankel. Thanks so much for your help. Lorraine

You’ll probably have to cut the yarn leaving about a 6" tail and rejoin a new strand of yarn. If the yarn end happens to be at the beginning of the RS row on the Front then you could use that yarn. If you would have to cross some bound off sts at the underarm, then rejoin a new strand.

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