Join work to cast on edge? (Do not bind off first)

That is the last sentence of the pattern and though it sounded sensible when I first read it now that I am poised to do it, I can’t figure out what I’m supposed to do. This is a pattern for a headband and I’ve never run across this particular instruction for joining two ends. I’m a newbie so it may not be all that unusual. Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks.

It sounds like you have to sew the live stitches to the cast-on edge? It would make a less bulky seam. Put yarn on a tapestry needle and put it through the stitch, slide it off, and sew through the cast on edge. I think.

Thanks Ingrid! i went ahead (was determined to finish this today!) and did an ordinary bind off and joined with mattress stitch. What you described makes sense. I’ll probably make the pattern again; I liked the outcome; and will try your suggestion. At the end of the pattern it said it was translated from Norwegian…and there were a couple of obvious mistakes in the pattern, so who knows??? Something might have been lost in the translation! :knitting: