"join to work in the round"

Hi All, I’m doing a preemie hat and this phrase is being used in the beginning. What does it mean?

CO to a circular needle or double pointed needles, then with the last CO st and working yarn in the right, and the 1st co st in the left hand, start kniting. Look at the in the round videos on the Advanced techniques page.

Yeah, it means you join it into a circle to knit a tube. I remember the first time I encountered that instruction, I was, “like how?” I did some weird something I cooked up of tying the thing together which I later learned was unnecessary. :lol:

Like Sue said the most basic way to join is just to start knitting it into a circle. If what you are doing didn’t make it form a circle you did it a little wrong. Try again. There are other ways to join that you can learn a bit later.

I have a video that explains how to “join in the round”.