Join sleeve to body

HI there, I am having trouble to join the sleeve to body based on the pattern instruction (see picture below).

Once I finished knitting the length of the sleeve, I K7 (base on the preparing the join the sleeves instruction) before I graft them.
Then I grafted the 13 sts (including the 7 sts) from the sleeves to the 13 sts from the body.
As you can see the picture Two.

Once I finished the graft., I started to knit the rest of the stitches (total 48) to the body needle. (see picture Three). I realized that if I do that, it will give me a big hole as you can see it from the picture Three if i joint it together.

Please let me know what did I do wrong. :frowning:

Thanks in advance.




It all looks right to me. Lovely work grafting the sleeve and body sts.
It shouldn’t be a very big hole once you get past the first few rounds. You can use the a tail left from the grafting to sew the hole closed or thread some yarn through a tapestry needle and close it up.