Join should seams

I need help with please I need to join shoulder seams both sides are cast off is there a video out there to help with? I have tired to look one up and most have already joined the side to the back and are on the next step. Thank you for any help you can give

Hello! Hope this helps:

Thank you that did help. However I did not have the pattern in front of me when I asked the question. For the neck band it way join shoulder seams, pick up and knit 18 stitches evenly along right side of neck 19 stitches from back of
neck and 18 stitches along left side of neck total 55 stitches work 2 rows in g-st cast off knitways. So do I join the shoulder on both sides and then pick up and knit. It is a little confusing to me and not sure how to do it.

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Sally Turvey

In my opinion as it says join shoulder seams, then yes you should join both shoulder seams then pick up and knit

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Thank you. That was what I was thinking as well.