Join Seams

Hello ladies… and gents…

Now… I have a question… I just finished a pattern that said… “Join Seams” … now I know what that means… but how would one do that so it doesn’t look like crap when you turn the object inside out…

I would greatly appreciate any help


Here’s a really good article at Read that, and let me know if you need any more help. :slight_smile:

thanks silver. * * goes to read * *

I’ll let you know… and I’ll post a pic of the object once I get it allll the way done…

Wow, Silver, I had never run across that article before. I am one of those, like the author was, who’s been terrified of my first attempt at seaming. I’ve not yet made an article which needed it, but after seeing that thorough instruction, and the very detailed photos, I am no longer afraid of it. So, thanks from me, too, for linking to it. :thumbsup:

I have to try that mattress st with the orphaned Howie sweater…

Kelly, are you reworking Howie’s sweater? You may have shared that already on your blog. I’m behind on my blog reading.

Thanks silver… that helped alot… I also asked my mom to show me up close… :slight_smile:

But that article is a must print for me :slight_smile:


I put the pieces away for now, they are awaiting my learning how to SEW.

I’m glad it helped! Maybe one day I’ll do a detailed tutorial on seaming. I actually LOVE seaming, almost as much as knitting. Once you know what you’re doing, and can do a perfect seam, it’s quite the little ego boost!! :roflhard:

Well I got the object done. but I won’t be home for a hour or so… I’ll post it up on my blog and in the finished object area… :slight_smile: Thanks so much everyone

The bear looks great! :thumbsup:

Once you get the hang of the matress seam, you’ll love it!!