Join on circular needles

I am a novice knitter trying to tackle a pattern for a diagonal lace cap. The instructions call for me to cast on 80 sts, knit one row then… join. I don’t know how to “Join.”
:frowning: Can anyone explain this step to me?

When you join the knitting with circular needles, you just start knitting in the round. Have your working stitch with the yarn strand on the tip of the right needle and the first stitch that was cast on on the tip of the left needle and just start knitting.

There’s a video here.

well ya know on the circs as you are knitting your row you will come all the way around to the other side basically. instead of turning the work like you would if you are knitting flat, just keep knittin’. it will form a circle then (well technically a spiral but you get the idea.) Before you join though make sure all your worked stitches are inside the ring so you don’t end up with twisted work. There is a video on here to show how to knit in the round with circular needles. Easy peasy i promise…go check it out if you can!

seriously she ALWAYS beats me…lol

:cheering: I won again!!! :cheering:

Still waiting for my prize, though. :??

Yeah but, it’s weird, sometimes there is um, additional yarn (I’m trying to word this right, still a little sick from my bad cold) like the yarn is pulled too much where you join, it sags (you know what I mean don’t you!!!) Do you think maybe it’s better to always do that
’trading places’ thing that the sock book I have says to do…

like instead of just starting to knit in the round, first take the first stitch off the left needle and place it on the right needle, then the 2nd stitch (former first stitch) off the right needle and take it over that stitch from the left needle onto the right needle. It makes for a nice tight join on the socks so I’m thinking maybe it’s good for other stuff too… whatchathink?