Join Into the Round, Careful not to Twist?

What does this mean? Also, is there a special technique to casting on with a circular needles? Thanks!

Take a look at the vid on knitting on circular needles on the Advanced Technique video page – Amy shows very clearly what it means by “do not twist” – and no, there’s no special technique to casting on circulars that I know of. On ones that I’ve found difficult to learn (I’m a beginning knitter too!), I’ve been casting on a straight needle and then moving them to circulars, if I have a problem keeping them straight on circulars.

Since the cast on creates a ridge, follow that ridge around your circular needle and cable, making sure it’s at the bottom or all in one direction. HTH!

here’s another video that can help

Here is the easiest way to learn how to knit socks. It’s a tutorial from our own Silver and it has easy step by step instructions plus pictures. Many of our members have found this to be the best way to learn the basics of sock construction.

WARNING: sock knitting IS addictive! Once you start you just can’t stop!!!

this one shows what happens to knitting if you work with twisted stitches (that part is near the end I think)