"join into round"

I’m working on a pattern for the American Girl doll. It’s for a poncho. I have it on a circular needle but at this point I’m simply knitting back and forth.

NOW it comes to the body of the poncho. It says Join into the Round. I have no idea how to do this.

Can someone help please?

You just put the two ends together and start knitting. It’s best to do on a knit row; knit to the end of the row, move the stitches on the left part of the needle to the tip, place a marker and knit what was the other end of the row. Pull up your yarn pretty snug at the join; after a few rows it won’t look so weird.

Also… when you join to work in the round your working yarn will be coming from the right needle. That way when you knit that first stitch on the other needle they join together.

There is a video here on KH

and more info here

Thanks gals. By jove I think I have it! :o) As soon as I did it once I knew that somewhere, sometime I’d done it before. lololol