Join front and back in drop shoulder pattern

The directions say to switch to shorter circle needle and work 6 stitches as est, sl these to a holder, k across front to last 6 sts, sl last 6 of front and first 6 of back onto holder. Pm for beginning of round, k across back to last 6 sts, slip these onto holder. Work At st in the rnd for 7”MY question is are all 24 stitches slipped to the same holder? Do I ever break off the yarn? This is my first time knitting a sweater and first time using Cocoknits Workshop book. Gratitude for your help

Welcome to KH!
Don’t slip all 24 to the same holder. It’s going to be easier to work the following rounds if the sets of 6 sts are on separate holders. You can use waste yarn or safety pins if you don’t have 4 holders.
You don’t have to break the yarn. You’ll be joining front sts to back except for 6sts on either end of the front and back.

Thanks very much. I get it now.