Join for round?

I’m trying to knit the Vogue Holiday cover scarf, and I am totally confused.

The instructions say all I need is one set of size 4 dpns, one set of size 6 dpnds anad stitch holders and markers.

The instructions begin “with smaller needles, cast on 54 sts, place marker and join for round.” Huh? I have no idea what this means, and there does not seem to be a video on it. I know how to knit in the round, but here I have straight needles, not circular needles.

Can someone tell me how to “join for round”?

this video might help you… just click on the double pointed needles video.


When you have all your stitches cast on, take the needle with the yarn going to the skein in your right hand, and the needle with the first stitch you cas on in your left, and begin knitting. Or purling, however the instructions are for the first round.