Join a 2nd ball?

I’m a pretty new knitter but this pattern says “easy”… here is what I need…

“Knit 22 sts, slip next 18 sts to holder for neck; [COLOR=“Purple”]join a 2nd ball of yarn and knit to end. Work both sides at once with separate balls of yarn, bind off 2 sts at each neck edge twice - 18 sts each side[/COLOR]. Work even until armhole measures 7”. Bind off"

I don’t really get the highlighted parts - is this to hard for me?

It sounds like you are working on the shoulders/neck of a sweater. You will be working both sides at the same time with two separate balls of yarn. Once you start the reason for this will become apparent pretty quickly.

Do you have a link for the pattern?

still not getting “both sides at once” does that mean I will knit with the new ball and then purl the other side with the old ball???

and yes - it is a really cute sweater!! :slight_smile:

You can work the two shoulders at the same time or you can work one shoulder, finish and bind off and then work the second shoulder if that’s easier for you.
If you do the two shoulders at the same time you’ll use 2 balls of yarn or two ends of yarn. Knit 22, drop yarn 1 and slip 18sts to holder, join yarn strand 2 to the sts remaining on the left needle and knit to the end. Now turn and purl the sts with yarn strand 2 up to gap (the center of neck), pick up strand 1, bind off 2 sts, purl to the end. Turn and knit to the gap, drop strand 1, pick up strand 2 and bind off 2sts then knit to the end.
Keep going like this on the two shoulders, binding off the required sts at each neck edge.


After I thought about it for a while last night I kind of figured out they meant one shoulder at a time.

I assume the stitches that you slip to holder will be finished at the VERY end of sweater.

You were a big help to a newbie - thanks again!!

You’re very welcome. Yes, the held sts will likely be picked up when you add the collar. You can check under Finishing or Collar if you’re curious. Good luck with the sweater and post a photo if you’d like. We’d love to see one!