Jogless stripes - which kind?

I am knitting this cardigan. I’m almost at the end - I just need to knit the sleeves, which are knit in the round. As you can see, one sleeve has narrow stripes, the other has wide stripes, and I would like the stripes to be jogless. The yarn is fingering weight.

Following the instructions here, ideally narrow stripes should have a travelling starting point, whereas wide stripes should have a stationary starting point, however wouldn’t I get the most uniform results if I use the same technique on both sleeves? Should I then do both sleeves with a travelling starting point?

If so, there is the question of shaping. I am not quite sure I understand Techknitting’s instructions of how to manage shaping with the travelling starting point. They mention hiding the colour change in the shaping, but I change colour every 4th row, while I only have to decrease every 13th row, and the decrease rows are placed in the middle of the stripe.

Any help would be much appreciated!

I’ve actually knit this sweater. I used the method that knits with the new color and then slips the first stitch of the new color on the second round for both narrow and wide stripes. I like the traveling stripes however and my thought about using them is to use a marker for a stationary point (a sort of “seam”) and do the shaping there while the color change travels. Haven’t tried this so I’m not sure how effective it is in practice.
I don’t really see a problem with using different techniques on the two sleeves.

Thanks, that helps a lot! I think I’ll try the traveling stripes on the sleeve with the narrow stripes, then :slight_smile:

Just started doing the traveling stripes, but I’m now realizing that carrying the yarn up the inside at the same time might turn out weird as the carried yarn slowly spirals around the sleeve. Do you think that is going to pull the fabric in strange directions or is it going to be just fine?

I think it’s not that different from carrying the yarn straight up a line of sts which is what happens when you use stationary stripes. Just be careful that the yarn isn’t so tight that it distorts the knit fabric.

Great, thanks!